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We encourage owner & trainer interaction. When your dog goes home our communication doesn't stop there.......we firmly believe once a FLK dog always a FLK dog. We're here to help throughout the dog's life!!

— Team FLK

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What others are saying

Thank you so much Chris Jobman, and all of Flatlander Kennels for your hard work, day in and day out for all of the sacrifice you give to the dogs and families you train. You and your team are truly “Best of the Best.” I can’t thank you enough for all of the training and trialing you do for these dogs as well as your dedication to each of the dogs and owners as individuals. Despite the number of dogs that are trained by Team Flatlander, one can ask about any one of the dogs and Chris and his team will tell you intricate personality details about each one of them.

— Sheena and Lance McCorkle
Peakview Retrievers
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Here at Flatlander Kennels we take pride in the philosophy of "letting the dog be a dog" and try to build a confident "thinking" animal.

Team FLK uses a proven program that produces fabulous dogs whether they are test/trial, hunting dogs or all three. Our program has stood the test of time and suits all personalities of each individual dog.

Flatlander Kennels is a nationally known facility that has produced some of the best all around dogs in the country and has an extremely high pass rate when it comes to tests and trials. We have trained 20 plus GRHRCH's (Grand Hunting Retriever Champions...which is the 3rd most in history), over 100 HRCH's (Hunting Retriever Champions), over 50 MH's (Master Hunters), and we have an outstanding record in the lower field trial stakes as well. In very limited trialing....we've made 6 QAA's (Qualified All Age). In 8 total trials we've accumulated 3-1sts, 3- 2nds, 2- 3rds, 2- 4ths, 3- RJ's (Reserve Judges Award of Merit), 1 JAM (Judges Award of Merit).

All the above accolades are great....but what truly drives us, is to train a dog that the owner is truly proud to hunt with and stand beside. Once on Team FLK you are no longer a client....but truly a friend. I wouldn't trade the relationships we've made over the years for all the accolades in the world!!

We provide a very unique service that most facilities don't. We have Joel Robbins DVM and owner of Pioneer Animal Clinic in Scottsbluff, NE visit our kennel every month and administer heart worm medication and every dog gets a physical.

If we are asking them to give us 110% we can do our part and make sure everyone is healthy and happy!!