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We are dog trainers, not lion tamers.....we don't "tame"....we teach!!

— Team FLK
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* All new students must enroll for a minimum of 4 months *

Please remember every dog is an individual and we treat them as such. Every dog learns differently and at their own pace. So a time frame is relative depending on the individual dog.

Puppy Head Start Program

  • $550 - Per Month
  • Includes: monthly physical and heartworm medication administered by a veterinarian

All Other Programs

  • $750 - Per Month
  • Includes: monthly physical and heartworm medication administered by a veterinarian

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Puppy Head Start Program:

Your 8 week old pup is raised in our house till 6 months old and treated like a member of the family. We socialize them and prepare them to start formal training.

Gun Dog Program:

This is usually a 4-6 month program. They will learn obedience, collar conditioning, force fetch, condition to gun fire, steadiness, single marked and water. Simulated hunting scenarios. This will produce a nice all purpose gun dog that can waterfowl hunt in the morning and upland hunt in the afternoon.


This program includes the Gun Dog Program and builds off of that....Basics are truly the foundation of a truly trained dog and must be done thoroughly before advancing onto the other programs.


After this program your dog will be proficient at multiple marked retrieves and advanced hunting scenarios along with simple blind retrieves. A dog who has finished transition is truly a joy to hunt with!!


After this program your dog will get YOU invited to hunt!!! These animals are truly amazing. They will be able to handle multiple marked retrieves and BIG land & water blind retrieves. Basically this dog can hunt in any environment and handle any scenario. Your dog with be a truly "Finished Retriever".

We pride ourselves in turning potential into real talent.

LET US HELP YOU.........come join TEAM FLK!!!