4X GRHRCH Flatlander’s Steady Like A Rock MH MNH4 HOF QAA "Breaker"
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  • Breaker in Action

Breaker is truly a dog of a lifetime. He achieved his GRHRCH, MH and QAA (qualifying 1st place) before the age of 4. Great genetics mixed with amazing natural talent has made Breaker the whole package. Whether he is running hunt tests, field trials or hunting he always gives a 110%.

Breaker is a great marker and blind runner and also highly intelligent, which makes him a joy to train. He is very physically strong and weighs 70 lbs.

The great thing about Breaker is that he is a wonderful house dog and knows how to “turn it off”.

Stud Fee: $1,000.00

Frozen semen only available.

Owner: Chris Jobman | DOB: 5/4/2007 | OFA Hips: Excellent | OFA Elbows: Normal | Eye Cerf: Normal| EIC: Clear | CNM: Clear
9X GRHRCH Pearl’s Vision of Jet Callauh MH MNH HOF "Jet"

“Jet always gives 110% everyday….whether it’s training, hunting, testing or running trials. Quit is not in his DNA. He also has a super fun personality that gives him an unbelievable demeanor in the house.
Jet is in the Top 3 all time greatest dogs I’ve trained and stood beside…..and that says A LOT…..I’ve had the pleasure of training some truly great animals.”
Chris Jobman
Flatlander Kennels.

Owner: Chris Jobman | DOB: 3/26/2011 OFA Hips: Excellent | OFA Elbow: Normal | Eye CERF: Normal| Coat Genotype: Black - No Hidden Color - EEBB
GRHRCH Flatlanders Thatll Leave Amark MH "Spank"
Owner: Chris Jobman | DOB: 7/28/2011 | OFA Hips: Good | OFA Elbow: Good | EIC: clear by parentage | CNM: Clear by parentage | Coat Genotype: Black-Hidden Choc-EEBb
3XGRHRCH Westlake’s Straight From The Barrel MH "Barley"

1 Master National pass
Qualifying placements

Owner Chris Jobman | OFA Hips: Good | OFA Elbow: Normal | Eye CERF/CAER: Normal| CNM: Clear | EIC: Clear | DM: Normal
​HRCH Long Lake’s Low Flashpoint MH QA2 "Flash"

Flash passed the 2018 Master National, Qualified for the 2019 Master National & Passed the 2019 HRC Fall Grand.

Owner: Chris Jobman | DOB: 4/24/2015 | OFA: Hips: Good | OFA: Elbow: Normal | Eye: CERF/CAER: Normal | CNM: Clear | EIC: Clear | PRA: Clear | Dilute: Clear | Coat: Genotype: Black - No Hidden Color - EEBB |
GRHRCH Flatlander’s I Can’t Drive 55 MH MNR "Ticket"
Owner: Austen Lovell | DOB: 8/18/2013 | Breeder: Eileen Jobman | OFA Hips: Good | OFA Elbow: Nornmal